Welcome to Alarm Decoder’s documentation!

This is the API documentation for the Alarm Decoder Python library. It provides support for interacting with the Alarm Decoder (AD2) family of security alarm devices, including the AD2USB, AD2SERIAL and AD2PI.

The source code, requirements and examples for this project may be found here.

Please see the examples directory for more samples, but a basic one is included below:

import time
from alarmdecoder import AlarmDecoder
from alarmdecoder.devices import USBDevice

def main():
    Example application that prints messages from the panel to the terminal.
        # Retrieve the first USB device
        device = AlarmDecoder(USBDevice.find())

        # Set up an event handler and open the device
        device.on_message += handle_message
        with device.open():
            while True:

    except Exception, ex:
        print 'Exception:', ex

def handle_message(sender, message):
    Handles message events from the AlarmDecoder.
    print sender, message.raw

if __name__ == '__main__':

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